Talking to the MD About Digital

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to run a session with a company as they started to work on a new B2B Digital Strategy (see end of article for more on this) to complement their existing and semi-mature B2C offering. They operate in a number of countries and have a staff of approximately 400, most based in the UK.

The session was a good one; lively, enthusiastic, with some good points to move forward on.

Following the session, I spoke with the Managing Director who had originally approached me to run the workshop. She had introduced me to the group but had been unable to attend the session.

Candidly, she spoke to me about her feelings to Digital. She recognised it as key to future plans and said she believed she had a team in place who were well equipped to meet the challenges and opportunities (having just come out of the session, I agreed). She didn’t question the importance of the role digital will play within the company but, she admitted, she didn’t personally ‘understand it’.

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