Digital and Direct Marketing Methodologies

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If Direct Marketing made mass marketing more focused, Digital has allowed marketing activity to become more personalised and relevant than ever.

If it’s done right.

Too often Digital is seen as some sort of ‘magic bullet‘ that will answer all problems and ensure profit, and thought of in a vacuum.

Digital can make it faster to get to market, and to reach millions more than traditional marketing techniques. It can level the playing field to some degree whether you’re an SME or a global business, but all too often it is done without thinking about the fundamentals or any thought given to return on investment or real success criteria. (“We need to SEO our website…” ring any bells with anyone?)

I’m not a techie – I won’t promise to build you a ‘world-beating’ website or create you the app that’s going to make your company famous. What I am, is a marketer with over fifteen years of Digital Marketing experience, backed up with ten years of Direct Marketing work before that. I have created integrated Digital Marketing strategies for companies as diverse as one-person operations to global market leaders with 15 million web visitors per year, two thousand+ digital campaigns per year and industry leading social media presence.

Whether it’s your overall strategy, your website, social media or email programme, or helping with digital marketing campaign planning and execution I can help. More importantly, I can help shape your digital plans to ensure they are working with your other online and offline activity to create a uniform approach in your sales and marketing activity.

Sessions Offered:

  • Digital Strategy creation and execution
  • Analytics and ROI
  • Integrating your Digital Strategy: making on and offline work together
  • Digital for Senior Management: what it all means


  • Workshops/ training: 
  • An introduction to digital strategy: tailored for any level from new starter to board level.
  • Digital campaign planning
  • Web design: persona/ taxonomy and UX to ensure your web meets your, and more importantly, your customers’ needs.
  • Email: automation, targeting & personalising, and good practice in all aspects of email campaign design and execution; from copy to call to action and beyond
  • Social: what channels are right for you and how to best utilise them for your business
  • A wide range of Direct Marketing disciplines: from Direct Mail to Catalogues to  Telemarketing – and how to integrate best practice with your wider plans.


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