Strategy and Planning


A good strategy is vital for any business in achieving its objectives. Too often however, if it really exists it is poorly thought out, ill-defined or simply not really understood.

A well constructed strategy allows a company, be it single owner or multi-national, to decide who to target, what products/services to offer, and how to combine the two utilising its assets, expertise and capabilities.

Strategy can be daunting. It can be complex – there wouldn’t be a million and one scholarly articles written about it if it wasn’t.

But it can be jargon-free, common-sense and intuitive.

With 20+ years experience of creating local, regional and global strategies across varied disciplines and businesses, I can help demystify the process and work with you to implement a realistic, easily understood and fully implementable strategy across your business – no matter your size, aims or industry.

Services Offered:

Sessions can be tailored or created for your specific needs. Previous services provided have included:

  • Strategy workshops (adaptable for any level of experience) 

    • Understanding the MOST model and applying each element in your business
    • Classic strategic models and how to use them
    • Moving from tactical to strategic thinking
    • Understanding how anyone in your business can input into the strategic journey
    • Demystifying the jargon and getting to the vital things you need to know
    • Strategy and Innovation: theoretical analysis as well as case studies and opportunities in learning from the best
    • How to set out and develop conventional and non-conventional strategic plans
  • Strategy and Planning Support

    • Management consultation
    • Planning workshop and consultation
    • Writing and designing strategy support
    • Strategy review service


See the PRICING section of this site for indicative costs, but if you have specific requirements or questions, please fill in the Contact Form for more information and an obligation-free quote.