What is a brand?

It’s not an easy question: just check how many books on the subject are out there.

It’s not your name, your logo, your tagline, your customer value proposition, mission or your website. But they’re all important in contributing to, and building a valuable brand.

It IS one of the most used, but least truly understood, terms around in the business world. Start thinking about a ‘brand strategy‘ and you’re really talking…

Having spent many years working with a global company possessing one of the most recognisable brands in their industry and who spend huge amounts of effort on maintaining that brand, I am aware and experienced in the challenges of building and maintaining a brand – be it product, service or company for a start-up or a century-old business.

Wherever you are with your brand, I can help you with your activity through workshops or consultancy in a variety of ways.

Services Offered:

  • Strategic Brand planning
  • Brand analysis in your industry: research services and evaluation of you and your competition
  • Evaluation and development of Brand touch points
  • Defining and building your customer value proposition for relevancy, value and differentiation
  • Workshops:

    • An Introduction to Brand: what the great companies do, and what you can learn from them (ideal for new-to-marketing staff)
    • Customer Value Proposition: knowing if you have one and how you can develop it.
    • The culture of Brand: how to instil your brand values in your staff at all levels


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