10 Steps to Running an Innovation Stimulus Session

NEC Presentation 1.JPG

Last week I ran an Innovation Stimulus session for over 50 members of the National Exhibition Centre and Ticket Factory Marketing staff at their team away day.  For those not aware NEC Birmingham is the UK’s No 1 venue for shows, exhibitions, meetings and events.

Following the event, I thought I’d note something worth considering if you’re thinking about running your own Innovation stimulus session. Five points from the organisers’ point of view, five from my perspective when I’m facilitating these sorts of sessions.

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A Simple Guide to Staying Safe Online

This is a document I abridged from a presentation I put  together for an elderly adult group on staying safe online.

It doesn’t get across the feel of the session, which was very interactive and relaxed, but it hopefully provides a few pointers about staying safe online.

Any comments welcome, and feel free to contact me if it’s something you or your group would like to know more about.


a simple guide to staying safe online