Since 2018 I have worked with a range of clients – across various industries and topic areas.

My work has included both long and short term projects – ranging from one day training to six month+ projects and covering areas as diverse as Innovation Workshops, Strategic Business and Marketing Plan Development, Email Marketing Training, CRM Improvement, Digital Marketing Execution, Brand Development, Web Visioning, Webinar Training and Technical Support for Live Events,  Desk Top Research,

Here are just a few of the clients I have worked with:

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Charities and Nonprofits

Physical and Virtual Events and Conference Organisers



Marketing and Events


Marketing Support for Technology Companies


Below are a small selection of testimonials and recommendations from those I have worked with. For further recommendations or particular questions, please contact me using the web contact form.

“I attended a training course delivered by Simon at a Marketing Team away day. The session he delivered was really interactive which was ideal for the group and he provided us with some models and approaches that we could take away and apply within our business. Our team are a tough crowd to please but I have to say that everyone came away feeling really inspired and ‘tooled-up’ to go away and apply more innovative thinking within our roles and business areas. I would highly recommend Simon to deliver a training session or to do some speaking around a topic area – really interesting and thought-provoking, thank you.”

AD, Head of Group Marketing, NEC Group

“I have been cooperating with Simon for many years. He always delivered excellent training to the 100+ staff on various topics related, for example, to marketing, digital marketing, CRM, sales techniques, etc. The courses were done in a nice, friendly and witty way. The participants learnt through interactive games and tasks, practiced a lot and at the same time absorbed the theory easily. Simon knew how to attract the audience. He provided clear and well-designed worksheets. I also liked his training dynamics and after training activities to remind the trainees about what they had learnt.”

FL, Regional Sales and Marketing Manager (Czech Republic)

“A brilliant marketeer and strategist, Simon has been highly professional, a great communicator and a pleasure to work with, taking 30 authors from an idea to publication and hitting the Amazon top 20 in just six weeks. He has managed a complex and fast moving project with pre-publicity, production and a very high quality output and despite the huge demands on his time, has remained in control and good humoured throughout. I’d recommend Simon for any project where you require top class delivery against tight deadlines.” 

SA, Head of Corporate Communications, NHS 24

“Simon quickly became absolutely indispensable to the operation. Handling the IT and marketing side of the venture, and coming up with fundraising ideas to help raise money for NHS charities, Simon proved his skills beyond measure. Working with an ever-changing line-up of authors, Simon is flexible, amiable and innovative. Virtual Noir at the Bar has become something of a phenomenon during lockdown and this is in no small part down to Simon’s expertise. I look forward to working with him in the future.”

VW, Events Organiser

“Simon provided insightful, knowledgeable and reassuring guidance, advice and client support during a fantastically received project. A pure joy to work with!”

AC, Author, Screenwriter and Broadcaster

“I have worked alongside Simon, and benefitted from his intelligent input to change management programmes, for over 20 years. He is an innovative and analytical thinker with a strong ability to build coalitions around complex challenges, and the communication skills to drive positive outcomes. As a trainer and consultant, he will bring that wealth of practical experience to your organisation’s innovation challenges. Highly recommended.” 

RJ, Regional Development Manager, Western Europe

“Simon has always been great to work with…as an exceptional trainer in digital marketing and promotions. His knowledge, his excellent ideas and his original way of thinking have greatly contributed to achieving success in my field of work in Hungary. Every session he led reflected his exceptional expertise in the different use of digital strategies either for motivation or sales. He is forward thinking, self motivated and is always capable of adapting to new working environments. Besides, no matter how dense the information at the seminars, Simon has always made sure everyone left with a smile. All in all as a trainer Simon earns my highest recommendation.”

IJ, Country Manager in Publishing (Hungary) 

“Simon is an accomplished marketing professional across a breadth of channels…(and in my previous company) change(d) how we handled digital marketing across web and social media, increasing our effectiveness and reach dramatically…I highly recommend Simon – not only is he a hard-working professional, he is also friendly, fun and intelligent: he’s good to be around and a strong ally in driving success.”

CR, Senior Director, Leadership in Business, Strategy and Digital (UK). 

“Simon ran an Innovation Workshop for over 50 marketeers from NEC Group last year. The half-day session covered several different models and approaches to innovation with great use of a wide range of global examples from other companies and organisations. This was followed up with practical sessions in the afternoon on how we could develop an innovation culture within our business. The session was very interactive and kept the audience fully engaged throughout with many though provoking messages. Simon is an inspiring trainer with a great knowledge of his subjects and a very natural style and ability to connect with his audience. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him workshops such as this.” 

SW, Head of Research and CRM, NEC Group

“In addition to his expert knowledge, Simon is an excellent communicator and very well organized, (working) across multiple international markets. Perhaps most importantly Simon is extremely personable. I would be very pleased for the opportunity to work together again and do not hesitate in recommending him to any organization.”

PR, Vice President, Language Learning Provider(Japan)

“Simon is an exceptional strategic marketer…he provided a very high degree of campaign support to the territories that I managed and provided advice and guidance on best marketing practice…Simon is consultative, collaborative and is generous with his knowledge and expertise. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any organisation.”

– KJR, Philanthropy Manager, International Charitable Organisation (Europe)

“I can particularly attest to his deep knowledge of marketing, (especially digital marketing) and the design, deployment and use of CRM software in a large global organisation. Equally as important as his knowledge and experience has been the interpersonal and training skills he has demonstrated. Any training session I attended was well-designed and delivered in a humorous, engaging, professional and patient manner.” 

OB, Regional Sales and Marketing Manager Educational Provider (Asia)

“Simon deconstructed the complex challenges of implementing a global CRM to create realistic and achievable goals while managing and fulfilling market expectations…(and) brought the business into the digital marketing era embracing new technologies

JP, Director of Applications, Tech Solutions Provider (UK)

“…an innovative and experienced marketing professional with a keen focus on customer experience… central in developing online strategy with multiple stakeholders and external agencies and implementing long-term programmes of technology development to meet business goals.”

SD, Web Programme Manager (UK)

“He is especially effective in identifying the right marketing channels and media and developing governance policies and support frameworks around these, in a complex global business environment.”

PFR, Independent Business Owner (UK)

“His years of experience in digital gave me a head start when planning campaigns and helped ensure their success.”

PS, CRM Manager (UK)

“I was a one-person-band, which meant I was in charge of Sales, Marketing, Promotion and everything else that the job required. I needed all the help I could get and Simon Bewick was one of the most helpful persons I met. He managed to successfully combine the theory of Sales, Marketing and Digitisation and show how it worked in practise and the ways it could be implemented. And it worked. It worked because of Simon’s personal touch to most of the issues, his passion for what he was doing, his competence and sense of humour. His presentations were professional, relevant, helpful, hands-on and inspiring at the same time.”

IR, Sales and Marketing Manager (Slovenia)

We had a very productive meeting on Monday morning with Simon Bewick. Excellent breakdown of the business, and extremely useful insights on how to drive traffic to the site, as well as insights on how to approach other markets. Thanks again Simon.

MS, Business Owner, Tech Start Up (UK)