A Beginner’s Guide to Webinars

This article was written in response to a few acquaintances’ physical events having to be cancelled due to ongoing coronavirus issues. A number of them were considering alternatives to promote their products/ services/ teaching sessions but worried webinars were too difficult or expensive for them to run. This short, non-technical article is an attempt to show them they aren’t. It is NOT intended to be a ‘how-to’ guide (click on any of the supplier links in the document and you’ll get all their information on that), nor is it intended as a vendor comparison tool. Both of those things are available if you want them, but there are a thousand and one sites offering them. What this IS intended to be is a basic introduction as to how online meetings and presentations can be used, and a few common concerns I’ve experienced in the past. I hope it is of some use in first thinking you may have about online events in these weird times we find ourselves…

Click on the link for the free-to-download PDF.

Intro to Webinars

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