The Webinar Process – a free resource

Following on from my introductory article on Webinars I ran a promotion plan for a client last week – from start to finish, building an email list, creating an email programme, registration process, hosting and running a public facing interactive webinar with 10 panelists and follow up email campaign with CTA included.

It was a lot faster than would normally be ideal, but these are strange times we’re living in.

As I built the schedule I thought there are probably a lot of other small companies having to think about this for the first time, so I put together this simple introduction flow chart for things to think about.

It’s high level and there’s a lot of important marketing decisions and creative to be carried out sitting behind it, but it’s possible to get it done in a relatively short space of time. (205 registrants in a week and excellent feedback for a specialist subject last week convinced me of that).

I hope this is of help for some of the smaller companies out there thinking about running webinars for the first time, or needing a refresher course.

If you need any help with the detail, you can of course contact me at 

Good luck with your Webinars.

Copy of Webinar Processes

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